Archery tag at Legacy 925
Archery Tag is a unique sport that combines dodgeball with the skills of archery. Players take up a bow and non-lethal arrows with a large, marshmallow-like pad on the tip. Teams take aim at each other, dodging, rolling, and hiding behind inflatable bunkers throughout the course. Game are typically 15 minutes.

Points are scored as follows:
1 PT – Any body shots to players
2 PT – Knocking a spot completely out of the opponents target
3 PT – Catching an opponents arrow in midair

If a player is hit with an arrow, they are out until one of their players catch the opposing teams arrow to bring them into the game.

Archery Tag:
1 Game: $7.50 per person

Monday-Thursday: 4PM – 10PM
Friday: 11AM – 12AM
Saturday: 11AM – 12PM
Sunday: 11AM – 9PM
*Schedule may vary for private events & rentals.

Suite 137 – enter at North 1 Entrance